Podcasting is a young media form, having started only in 2004. During the almost two decade of its existence, podcasts did what everybody thought internet radio would do. Podcasting outshines internet radio by leaps and bounds. It has found a younger audience who is loyal to it as older people were loyal to radio.

Think of podcasts as online on-demand audio programming. As much as it covers topics favored by an audience aged 35 and under, there is growing awareness among older radio listeners that podcasting is a great alternative. Popularity rates of podcasts are growing all the time among all age groups. Different to radio, which has one-time listeners, download numbers increase the longer the podcast is available, giving it a larger audience spread over time.

This is why consistency is so important when using podcasts. You have to embrace the medium and trust it. Give it a chance to take effect and work its magic. Soon, your business will thrive.

You start by identifying the psychograpic makeup of your target audience. Podcasting is a medium that speaks intimately with an individual. It works best when you speak to that one person listening with headphones. You connect with them by aligning the information you provide to people who are of similar makeup. By zoning in on a niche, you connect with potential customers.

The Four Ways Podcasting Will Help Build Your Brand

  • You Will Connect Directly With People Who Share Your Interest.

Podcasts is an effective way to connect you with an audience who have already expressed interest in the topic that you most align with brand. A podcast audience come when they find a topic that interests them. It must be interesting and informative enough so that they will tune in on a regular basis because they align with the brand. This audience may not be as large as that of traditional media, but the audience is of a higher quality. This means that they are highly engaged and are willing to binge-listen to episodes much as we binge-watch a series on a streaming platform.

Unlike radio who must cater for a varied audience, podcasting can zoom in on one specific subject matter, aimed at a niche audience covering and about one overarching topic. Avid podcast listeners will go out of their way to find something specific to listen to. If there is something that they are very interested in, they will become a highly relevant audience who will react in a highly qualified way with your brand.

  • A Podcast Can Become The Source Material For A Brand’s Overall Strategy

You no longer have to struggle to create content needed across media forms that all supplement your existing brand strategies. You can release content across platforms, all based on the original podcast. Content like blog articles, graphics, and social media posts will help to promote your podcast. It also becomes a strategic way to build confidence through repetition, earning trust and engagement. Your podcast audience will grow over time and evergreen content that adds value to the listener will give it a long shelf-life.

  • A Podcast Is Available On-Demand

One of the features that gives it an edge over traditional media, is that podcasting is available on-demand. Old media gave us one opportunity to catch a live event. New media is consumed as and when we like it. The fact that it is available when a listener wants to tune in, have been the reason why podcasts have flourished. It doesn’t matter what time-zone a person is in or what time of the day it is, when they decide to listen to a podcast, it is there to be listened to, instantly.

If they enjoy what they are listening to, they will binge-listen, playing episodes back-to back. These binge-listeners are the kind of people you want to listen to your podcast. They are the ones who will actively seek you out and reward you for earning their undivided attention. They will download, gave star ratings, binge on episodes, write comments, listening more and more as popularity grows.

  • Podcasts Earn The Audience’s Aural Attention

Our lives are already filled with screen time. Trying to get your audience’s attention by giving them ever more things to read or look at will result in a losing battle, as everyone is already so visually overwhelmed. Just look at your email inbox and discover how many emails you just delete without reading or the blog articles you have bookmarked but have never gotten to read.

Podcasts don’t compete with screen time. It requires only your ears, not your full attention. Podcasts can be listened to while performing daily activities. There are many moments during the day that are taken up with daily chores, such as the morning shower, driving to work, exercising in the gym, going for a jog, doing the laundry, preparing a meal. Every single one of them are the perfect time to listen to a podcast.

Through your podcast you can connect with your listener, so becoming part of the daily moments of their lives. The more you can win their audio attention by them listening to your podcast, the more chances you have of creating loyalty with your brand.

Three Podcast Packages

At Baird Media, we offer three different podcasting packages, each delivering a podcast and all the repurposed content. What differentiates the packages is the regularity of the podcast broadcast. You can chose to publish a new episode monthly, twice a month, or weekly.

Each of the podcast episodes has a transcription, blog article, graphic, and social media posts created from it. The packages include consultations, guest coordination, recording, editing, imaging, video & audio snippets, show notes and publishing.

These 12 month packages are an ideal way for a business to build its brand. Reach out if you have any questions or need more information.

You will need to create premium content for your customers that contribute to their life long learning about one specific topic. You must leverage your audience and what you know about them in a way that fits their psychographics and aspirations. Give them consistently good content that serves them and give it to them in audio form.

Repurpose the content so that whenever they are consuming screen time, they will find you there too. This leads to trust. Tell stories that share ideas nd solutions that will enhance their lives. You can connect with them on a personal level through podcasting. Use it wisely, and your podcast can become the leading member of your overall marketing strategy team.