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We know what it feels like to want to get the word out and being frustrated because you don’t have the time to do it with ease.


We get it. Content marketing is this big hungry monster that always needs feeding. You’ve probably wondered if there was a better way to  create engaging content to grow your brand’s awareness while saving time, money and energy.

Our dream for every client is to become content royalty. Your content must create awareness and have reach. We’ve been developing our award-winning system for the past decade and have refined it into the Purposefully Repurposed for Profit system. It has been tested and tweaked to the point where we can create consistent content for our customers.  

Management Team

Ethan and Hendrik Baird are ready to help you gain the most benefit from your podcast. Contact us today.

Ethan Baird

Ethan Baird

Hendrik Baird

Hendrik Baird

Ethan Baird is an award-winning radio producer who is a podcasting production expert. He currently produces Breakfast With Martin Bester on Jacaranda FM.

Hendrik Baird is an entertainer, writer, producer, and podcast creator, who recently obtained a Master’s degree in Media and Journalism.

We have combined and consolidated our skills for the sole purpose of helping you create the best possible content for your marketing campaigns.

We have gathered together a team of experts so that we can provide you with a comprehensive service to satisfy your every content marketing need.

We are committed to helping you create content that best represents your brand so you can get your message across clearly, while building relationships with your customers and ultimately helping them on their decision-making journey towards making a purchase. 

The process is simple —

  1. Buy the Purposely Repurposed for Profit book;
  2. Apply the strategies we teach; and
  3. Develop great content!

Once you Buy the Purposely Repurposed for Profit book, you’ll have taken the first step to becoming content marketing royalty.

We believe you deserve to have a giant pool of never-ending content. We help you understand the strategy so that you can never worry about content creation again.

Buy the Purposely Repurposed for Profit book today so we can get started. Then, book a consultation with us so we can help you start profiting from our unique system.