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Our Story

Somebody once asked Ethan and Hendrik how they met.

The answer surprised them.

Hendrik first met Ethan minutes after he was born. 

Ethan is Hendrik’s first-born, who was followed a few short years later by fraternal twins, Caitlin and Kyle.

Who knew that this family would be such a creative unit!

Hendrik started life as an actor and has, over the past forty years, worked in various fields within the entertainment industry.

Their mother, Annemarie, is an actress and drama/art teacher.

Ethan is an award-winning radio producer and audio expert.

Kyle is a professional ballet dancer.

Caitlin is an artist and male barber.

The Baird Media story revolves around Ethan and Hendrik, who started working together at an online radio station. Hendrik was the Station Manager and Ethan the Program Manager. Together, they were the driving force behind the formatting and growth of the station, turning it from a lonely server playing EDM music into a project staffed by more than 30 volunteers. Their enthusiasm soon made the station known around the world.

Eager to learn more about the medium specifically and media in general, they both studied further to enhance their skills and knowledge. Hendrik completed a Master’s Degree in Media and Journalism and Ethan a certificate in Digital Marketing and Design.

Once they moved on from this project, they had long discussions as to how to continue their working relationship. They compliment each other well. Hendrik has a creative mind, while Ethan has extensive technical abilities.

For a brief moment, they considered starting another online station, but soon hit upon the idea of producing podcasts for business clients. This came about after they did extensive research, realizing that podcasting is a New Media form that is growing by leaps and bounds. 

After careful consideration and learning from their past experience, they started a family business. So confident were they of the quality of service they can provide, that they proudly put their name to it. 

Baird Media (Pty) Ltd (2021/685046/07) was officially registered on 1 June 2021, mid-pandemic, and they slowly started testing the waters. It took almost two years before they managed to niche their product offering to such a degree that they both felt satisfied that they are serving a real need. Their service offering starts with podcasts, repurposing it into a wealth of content for marketing purposes, using their repurposing model.

They are focusing their attention on new business podcasters who are not sure where to start. The books and training courses help those new to this medium to find their feet and hone their skills. Their expert advice gives very specific direction, based on a client’s unique needs. They also offer full production services, as well as various offerings to repurpose the podcast once it has been produced.

They have put together a team of industry professionals who take care of all the aspects of delivering the services to their clients. 

Ethan and Hendrik’s commitment:

We commit themselves to push our creative boundaries, as we are willing to evolve, experiment and take calculated risks.

We demand integrity and honesty, both of ourselves and our clients, developing lasting relationships in an effort to make a positive difference.

We are passionate about what we do, valuing our time, expertise and effort, and taking responsibility for our actions.  

Together, we strive to build a sustainable company that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Founders

Baird Media is ideally positioned to help you get your podcast started and keep it going.

You are safe in the hands of Ethan and Hendrik Baird. We are ready to help you produce your podcast and repurpose it.

Ethan Baird is an award-winning radio producer who is also a podcast production expert. He is currently the technical producer of Breakfast With Martin Bester on Jacaranda FM.

Hendrik Baird is an award-winning broadcaster, entertainer, writer, producer, and podcast creator, who obtained a Master’s degree in Media and Journalism at the age of 56.

Our Mission

To inspire business leaders to create high quality, valuable, and useful content, using a podcast-first approach.

Our Vision

To provide the practical tools required for a business to market itself using podcasts and repurposed content.

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