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Your Podcast is Boring

Baird Media Blog Article Your Podcast is Boring

There are millions of podcast episodes out there, and every day new ones are created by aspiring podcasters hoping to reach an audience. Today, I bring you some bad news.

TRANSCRIPT: Caitlin Baird

Baird Media Transcript Meet My Business Caitlin Baird

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Caitlin Baird, a talented artist breaking gender stereotypes in the barbershop industry.

How to Prevent Burnout

Baird Media Meet My Business Podcast Blog Article How to prevent burnout

Stress and burnout are common experiences, but they don’t have to be. We chat with Harsheila, who helps people overcome stress and burnout.

How to Build Trust and Boost Credibility with Storytelling

Baird Media Meet My Business Podcast Blog Article How to build trust and bosst credinily with storytelling

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to build trust and boost credibility. With so much information available online, it can be difficult for people to know who to trust. One way to build trust and boost credibility is through storytelling.