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Baird Media helps people start podcasting and assists them to make it a success. We also have our own podcast series. They are described here.

We love helping people start podcasts. We also enjoy working by their side to help them make it a success in the long run.

Our own podcasting series are ways for us to learn more about our chosen industry. By speaking with people from all over the world, we can enrich our understanding of each other and what we do.

We welcome guests who are looking to use this as a networking opportunity while sharing their knowledge and experience.


Become a Podmaster Podcast Baird Media

Become a Podmaster Podcast

The Questions

Become a Podmaster Podcast is based on Hendrik’s book Become a Podmaster.

This podcast series speaks to young podcasters just starting out, providing solutions and insights that will lead to the long-term success of a podcaster.

It is a co-hosted show, with Ethan and Hendrik Baird chatting about various aspects of podcast production.

Their chat is interspersed with clips taken from interviews with other podcasters, in which they talk about specific aspects of podcasting.

These clips provide practical examples of the challenges and solutions established podcasters have experienced.

The first season of six episodes is now available.

Looking forward to series 2, we are open to recording the next batch of interviews.

We use the pre-talk to find out which of the questions listed below would be most pertinent to your podcasting experience.

  1. Tell us a bit about your podcast and why you do it.
  2. Who is your podcast aimed and niched at? Who is your ideal listener?
  3. What is the genre and how is your podcast formatted.
  4. What equipment do you have?
  5. How do you pre-plan it?
  6. What does a typical script look like?
  7. How do you manage guests?
  8. How do you edit it?
  9. Where do you publish?
  10. How do you market?
  11. Do you make money off it?


We might discuss, one, some, or all of these topics. As you can see, we are interested in the practical experience of people who have already started up their podcasts, so that newbies can learn from them.

It is of course also a wonderful way to showcase your podcast, while at the same time taking advantage of the networking opportunity podcasting provides.

Guests can go to the Baird Media Podcast Guest Reception and register there.

Baird Media Lets Talk Content Marketing Podcast

This series explores broadly the topic of content marketing and is broadly informed by Hendrik’s book Purposefully Repurposed for Profit.

This is an interview-style limited series podcast. 

Ethan and Hendrik from Baird Media spoke to various people about topics within the broader marketing field and more specifically content marketing.

Guests include industry professionals who have been working in their respective fields for some years. They include Nestene Botha,Frederika Fourie,  Stephanie Wium, Prenessa Nalliah, and Megan Kronenberger, to name but a few.

Baird Media Meet My Business Podcast

Meet my Business Podcast

We meet a great many people during our networking adventures. Then we thought: What if we recorded them and showcased the people we meet to the world? We may not necessarily be able to use their services, but surely there is someone out there that do require what they offer?

Each episode features a short chat with an entrepreneur that we have come into contact with. It is nothing formal, just a chat about what you do and the challenges and solutions you are applying towards making your business a success.

The chat will cover:

  1. What you do?
  2. How long you’ve been doing it?
  3. The way you do it.
  4. The value you bring to your customers/clients.
  5. How you market yourself.
  6. What you are looking for.

You are welcome to share your contact details with the listener.

If you book a Virtual Coffee with us, we will ask your permission to record. You are welcome to decline if you so wish. We just thought it would give you added exposure.


Baird Media Hypnosis Works Podcast

Hypnosis Works! The Podcast

Hendrik is a non-medical hypnotherapist and, in this series, he interviews hypnotherapists from around the world.

They talk about various aspects of hypnotherapy, especially how they run their practices.

Questions usually include:

  1. How did you start?
  2. Where did you train?
  3. What aspect do you specialize in?
  4. What are the challenges you experience?
  5. Share an anecdote of an interesting client.
  6. How do you experience the attitude towards hypnosis in your area?

Guests share their insights into these topics and more. The series demystifies hypnotherapy as a business, speaking to working hypnotherapists from around the world to tap into their experience.


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