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Baird Media Become a Podmaster The Six Session Mentorship Program

Become a Podmaster: The Mentorship Program

Do you want to become an expert in podcasting? If so, register now for this online mentorship program! You'll get practical assistance and valuable advice to help you launch your very own podcast.

Podcasting has Power!

Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of podcasting with Baird Media’s “Become a Podmastermentorship program!

Business owners are waking up to the transformative potential of audio, a dynamic tool to connect with an entirely untapped audience.

If you find yourself wanting to start a podcast without a clue where to begin, have no fear!

The prospect may seem overwhelming and you may have questions like: 

  • Do you go solo or outsource production?
  • How long should the episodes be? 
  • What equipment and studio space do you need?
  • Where and how do you launch for global impact?


Ethan and Hendrik have the answers to all these question and more!

Allow Ethan and Hendrik to Mentor You

Enter the comprehensive six-session mentorship program, presented by the award-winning team of Baird Media, Ethan and Hendrik Baird.

Tailored for entrepreneurs eager to amplify their business message globally, each session is a step-by-step expedition into the heart of podcasting.

Picture this: Six power-packed sessions, each meticulously addressing a pivotal aspect of podcasting.

Post each session, you’ll receive assignments, your blueprint for success, the completion of which will unlock the next session.

A treasure trove of resources awaits to guide your planning and execution.

But Wait, There's More!

The best-selling “BECOME A PODMASTER” book lays the theoretical groundwork and is a must-read primer before diving into the mentorship program.

This doesn’t just cover the theory; it provides practical guidance that will help you create a blueprint for your first season, as you record, edit, and package that first episode, setting the stage for a riveting podcasting saga that will continue well beyond the six sessions.

Did we mention the personal check-ins with either Ethan or Hendrik between sessions?

They are there to help when:

  • You encounter a hiccup.
  • Get stuck in a technical maze.
  • Need clarity on anything.


They’ve got your back!

This mentorship program is perfect for novices navigating uncharted territory, as it is tailored to your unique needs.


Sessions include:

Session 1: Why do you want to podcast and who is your target audience?

Session 2: Choosing the right podcast genre, format, and the necessary equipment.

Session 3: Planning your series and scripting your episodes.

Session 4: Editing, mastering, and rendering your podcast.

Session 5: Publishing and marketing your podcast.

Session 6: Future planning, useful resources, and where to seek assistance.


By the program’s end, you’ll have a ready-for-download episode, a script template, a plan for your first few seasons, and a roadmap for your ongoing podcasting odyssey.

It's an Exhilirating Journey

Rest assured, your mentors will guide you every step of the way.

Baird Media’s “Become a Podmaster” mentorship program isn’t just an opportunity; it’s an immersion into the art of podcasting, leveraging Baird Media’s extensive expertise and  resources.

But hold on, there’s a cherry on top!

The program extends beyond the basics, positioning your podcast as the source material for a “Purposefully Repurposed for Profit” content marketing campaign.

The time has come to elevate your venture, confidently launching into podcasting and extending its reach with Baird Media’s game-changing program.


What People Say About this Program

Eloise Petzer:

“What I appreciated was the step-by-step support. 

“After every session, you usually gave me a bit of a practical thing to go and do afterwards and have ready for the next session.

“Learning by trial and error has helped me figure things out for myself, and I think that just was a good learning experience and the theory that we discussed during our sessions formed part of my foundation by going to apply it afterwards.”

Dr Barbara van Heerden:

I think the ‘aha’ for me in the part I really enjoyed very much was how creative you can be.

“I hadn’t thought about music clips in between sections, and the call to action.

“I really enjoyed that creative part of it very much, as well as choosing something that I thought matched the brand and what I’m trying to achieve from my business point of view.

“The pointers we got and the encouragement was great too.

“It was a lot of fun.

“But the big ‘aha’ was that you can actually really make it part of your business brand and your business signature.”

Linda Rossouw:

I really loved the personal aspect, you know?

“I was the only one in the room, and that meant I got all the attention.

“You tend to think a podcast is a podcast is a podcast, how difficult can it be?

“But with the input of you guys, there were a few times when I was like, ‘Oh, okay, this is working like this and that is working like that.’

“I love the book.

“It’s written nicely.

“It’s very user friendly.

“It’s very practical.

“I like the practical application of it, but the input you guys have brought, together with the book, is definitely something that stood out for me as a whole.

And, that really made the journey something, you know, that was insightful, enjoyable, and exciting.”


Invest Today

For the investment of only US $750 (ZAR12,000), you can be the pioneer of your podcasting destiny.

Bring your team along for an additional US $125 (ZAR2,000) per member and unlock the power of podcasting like never before.

Seize this opportunity, ride the audio wave, and transform your business narrative into a symphony that echoes across the digital landscape.

Baird Media’s “Become a Podmaster” awaits, and your podcasting adventure begins here!


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