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Baird Media Become a Podmaster six session mentorship program
Want to Master the Art of Podcasting? Then Register Today for This Online Mentorship Program! You Will Receive Practical Help and Advice to Start Your Podcast.

Become a Podcasting Pro in Six Sessions

Business owners are beginning to realize that tapping into the power of audio can help them reach a whole new audience.

But where do you begin if you have no prior experience in this field?

It can be overwhelming when you’re unsure of what to consider and which technical aspects to master.

– Do you handle everything yourself or outsource some or all of the production?

– How long should each episode be, and how many episodes should you produce?

– What equipment and studio facilities do you need?

– How and where should you upload your podcast for global accessibility?

These questions and more will be addressed during our comprehensive six-session mentorship program led by Ethan and Hendrik Baird of Baird Media.


Join Us Online

The mentorship program is designed for a team of up to three people. 

During each session, we will deal with certain aspects of podcasting.

After each session, you will receive assignments that must be completed and uploaded before the next session.

You will have access to a resource page to assist you in planning and implementation.

Theoretical foundations are covered in the book BECOME A PODMASTER, which you will need to obtain separately before the mentorship program begins.

This mentorship program is practical, focusing on helping you plan your first season; record, edit, and package your initial episode; empowering you to produce the remaining episodes after the 6-session period.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with either Ethan or Hendrik during the week if you encounter any issues or get stuck.


What Will You Learn?

This podcasting mentorship program is designed for newcomers who have no idea how to start, feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects, and are unsure how to publish a podcast after recording.

During each of the six hour-long sessions, we will focus on a different aspect, adapting the program according to your needs.

Session 1: Why do you want to podcast and who is your target audience?

Session 2: Choosing the right podcast genre, format, and the necessary equipment.

Session 3: Planning your series and scripting your episodes.

Session 4: Editing, mastering, and rendering your podcast.

Session  5: Publishing and marketing your podcast.

Session 6: Future planning, useful resources, and where to seek assistance.

By the end of the six sessions, you will have produced at least one episode ready for download.

You will also have a practical plan to continue your podcasting journey.

Rest assured, we will guide you every step of the way.



Baird Media’s “Become a Podmaster” mentorship program leverages their expertise and comprehensive resources to empower entrepreneurs, including coaches, in starting their own podcasts. 

Through a series of six sessions led by industry professionals Ethan and Hendrik Baird, participants gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the podcasting landscape successfully

The program offers personalized support, accountability, and valuable feedback, ensuring a streamlined and effective podcasting journey. 

With a focus on technical aspects, planning, recording, editing, and more, the mentorship program covers all the essentials of podcast creation.



By joining the “Become a Podmaster” program, entrepreneurs benefit from a structured guide provided by the “Become a Podmaster” book, which explains the podcasting process and facilitates the implementation of crucial podcasting principles. 

The mentorship program also includes ongoing technical support and additional services, increasing the chances of podcast success. 

Aspiring podcasters receive personalized guidance and access to a resource page with workbooks on various podcasting topics, helping them define their podcast’s purpose and engage their ideal audience.

Baird Media’s “Become a Podmaster” mentorship program stands out by combining industry expertise, tailored support, and a comprehensive resource package. 

They take it one step further, positioning the podcast as the source material for a content marketing campaign, through their “Purposefully Repurposed for Profit” system.

With a focus on empowering entrepreneurs and coaches to launch their podcasts confidently and repurpose it for added reach and engagement, this program is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and effective pathway into the world of podcasting.



The investment for this mentorship program is US $750 (ZAR12,000).

Additional team members contribute US $125 (ZAR2,000) each.



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