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4 Reasons to Have a Personal Brand

Baird Media Blog Article 4 reasons to have a personal brand

In an overcrowded world, we all want to stand out and make alasting impression. Did you know that you can use a podcast to build a personal brand?

The Power of Podcasting

Baird Media Blog Article The power of podcasting

Networking is an important part of any business’s’ marketing. Why spend hours every week in networking groups? Did you know that a podcast can do the work for you?

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

Baird Media Blog Article Why do need content marketing

If you are having some doubts about whether content marketing is the right approach, you need to ask yourself two questions. What are those questions? This article explains it in detail.

The Power of Visual Content

Baird Media Blog Article Let's Talk Content Marketing The Power of Visual Content

In a podcast episode featuring Stephanie Wium, the significance of content marketing and its impact on brand visibility were explored.