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Become a Podmaster: The Best Approach for New Business Podcasters

In this article, we will explore why the Become a Podmaster system is the best approach for new business podcasters, offering a comprehensive solution that includes a book, mentoring program, and ongoing podcasting services.

Baird Media Podcasts

Baird Media Podcasts

Baird Media helps people start podcasting and assists them to make it a success. We also have our own podcast series. They are described here.

Become a Podmaster: The Mentorship Program

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Want to Master the Art of Podcasting? Then Register Today for This Online Mentorship Program! You Will Receive Practical Help and Advice to Help You Start Your Podcast.

12 Steps to Plan a Podcast

Most people do not know where to start a podcast. It can be overwhelming. This article will give you some guidelines to help you get going and make it a success.

4 Reasons to Have a Personal Brand

In an overcrowded world, we all want to stand out and make a lasting impression? Dis you know that you can use a podcast to build your personal brand?