by Hendrik Baird

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The Meet My Business podcast is a way for entrepreneurs to get the word out about their businesses. Each episode will focus on a different business as we find out how what they do or  sell can benefit the listener.

There are three packages to choose from, depending on how much repurposed content the entrepreneur wants.

Each of the three options available have the same basic components. The initial interview is done on Zoom or another remote way. This will take 40 minutes. The recording is edited down into a 30 minute audio podcast. The podcast and video will be published on Baird Media’s channels. The client receives the audio files, as well as some graphics. The podcast, video, and audio files can be used across the client’s channels.

The second package option includes all of these and adds a full transcription and audio snippets.

The third package consists of packages one and two and adds a blog article, video snippets, social media posts, and graphics.

Once you have decided which option you want, simply choose the appropriate package on the Meet My Business page on the website Baird.Media. It will take you to a page where you will make the appointment for the 40 minute interview. Book the appropriate time and make payment via PayPal.

Once this has been done, you will receive email confirmation with the Zoom link, as well as emails about your business information, logo, etc. The information you supply will be used when publishing your content and for listing purposes.

Once you have confirmed your participation by booking a time slot and making payment, you will need to prepare using the script.

This script gives guidance as to the various questions that you will need to answer. The script is a guide to help us cover everything we need to.


The main thing to prepare is a short section where you give free advice, educating your listener in a way that will benefit them.

During the interview, it is important to keep an eye on the stopwatch, as you will see we have time limits for each block of information. 

When preparing, do your best to be as succinct and direct as possible, so that the information comes across clearly and understandably. Also, simply be yourself and have fun.

It can take up to a month after the initial recording session before the post-production will be completed, so please be patient once you have done the recording. We will let you know about our progress and give you delivery and publishing dates. 

There really is nothing for you to do except book the appointment and talk about your business for some 40 minutes. We will do the rest.

Let your business speak for itself. To book your episode, visit the Meet  My Business page.