By Hendrik Baird

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Starting and running a business is not easy. It doesn’t matter what size the business is, whether micro, small, medium, or large, all businesses depend on marketing for their messaging to reach their target market. There are many different marketing methods, some needing substantial budgets. Not all marketing methods are created equal and will therefore have varying results.

One of the best marketing methods is word-or-mouth. This is when people who have used your services or products talk about it to their family and friends. It is very powerful when someone you know recommends something to you. It has much more meaning hearing about it from a friend than through an irritating paid-for pop-up ad on YouTube. 

Word-of-mouth is not only very effective, it is free too. People will willingly talk about you, without you having to pay for them to do so. 

There are various ways in which you can increase your chances of people talking about and recommending you.

The first is through providing excellent products and services. There is nothing like a fantastic experience bearing positive results to get people talking. This obviously takes time, as you have to service a large number of people before they start talking. If your products or services are revolutionary, the word will spread quickly, like a veld fire. But usually it takes some time.

The second way in which you can build up word-of-mouth is through joining networking groups. These used to be main in-person and localized pre-pandemic, but now have become vibrant spaces online, connecting people from across the globe.

Network groups have the ability of fostering trust through regular meet-ups. They are also not a short-term solution, but rather an investment in time to get exposed to many people in a short space of time. Networking groups are certainly effective, if you’re willing to put in the time required to attend as many as you can, while attending to the follow-up meetings made because of them.

If you’re a small entrepreneur, you cannot spend all your working hours in networking meetings. You will never get time to do your actual work if you do.

What if you were to be able to speak once as if you are in a network session, not to be heard by just one or two individuals, but by potentially thousands of such individuals without you having to do anything more. Your recording will be doing the work for you. Whenever someone wants to meet, they get to meet you in audio form first, which means that they are already starting to build trust and rapport with you. 

I’m talking of course about the power of podcasting. And more specifically, for entrepreneurs to make the small investment of time and effort to unlock the enormous advantage potential of podcasting.

You might have considered podcasting before, but you may not be totally convinced, or maybe the tech seems daunting.

We’re now making it easy for your business to enter the world of podcasting with our channel Meet My Business.

Each episode will focus on a specific business and the solutions they provide through their products and services. Each episode will include free, practical advice given by the featured business, before the business owner will personally explain what the business is about, how it solves their customers’ pain points, and what motivates them to do what they do

There are three packages available, depending on how much content you want repurposed from your podcast episode.

Once you have booked a time slot to record and paid the one-time fee, your recording will be made, it will be edited, graphics and other content will be added as per the package purchased, and then published.

The podcast will not only live on and be promoted through the Baird Media channel, you will be sent the link and RSS feeds, as well as the repurposed content.

Interviews for upcoming episodes will already be in production. It’s best to book as soon as possible, as it does take some time to edit and publish the episodes. The podcast goes live in October 2022.

Meet My Business will in time have a listing of businesses per category, where potential customers can browse and listen to different entrepreneurs explain how their business can be helpful.

This podcast is an online way of starting word-or-mouth. Podcasts do have a long shelf-life, meaning they will be listened to in years to come, as long as the content is evergreen. Once recorded, your podcast episode will grow its download number and keep bringing you benefit year after year.

The Meet My Business podcast will jumpstart word-of-mouth for your business. Repurpose it for the benefit of your content marketing campaign and get added exposure. 

Let your business speak for itself. To book your episode, visit the Meet  My Business page.