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Baird Media Meet My Business Exploring the world of remote photography with Joanne Moorhouse

Exploring the World of Remote Photography with Joanne Moorhouse

Meet Joanne Moorhouse, a virtual photographer who has just published a book.

In a recent podcast episode, Joanne Moorhouse, a remote photography expert based in East Yorkshire, UK, shared her experiences and insights into the world of virtual photography.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Joanne successfully adapted her business model to incorporate remote photography and has since witnessed its tremendous growth and potential.

Let’s delve into her fascinating journey and discover the unique aspects of remote photography.

Embracing a New Approach: Remote Virtual Photography

Joanne Moorhouse started her photography business in early 2019 and initially focused on traditional photography.

However, when the pandemic hit and restrictions hindered her ability to operate in-person, Joanne explored remote virtual photography as an alternative.

“Remote virtual photography has opened up new possibilities and connections for me.

“What was initially meant to be a temporary solution during the pandemic has now become a permanent offering,” Joanne explained.

Advantages of Remote Photography

Remote photography has become the predominant aspect of Joanne’s business, accounting for approximately 75-80% of her work.

The flexibility of remote sessions allows clients to have photoshoots from anywhere, without the need for all participants to be physically present at the same location.

Joanne shared, “With remote photography, clients can have their photos taken in the comfort of their own environment.

It eliminates camera awkwardness, resulting in more enjoyable and relaxed sessions.”

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Creativity

While working remotely presents its unique challenges, Joanne has developed innovative solutions to ensure successful photo sessions.

One of the main challenges for her is not being able to visit the location in advance.

However, through effective communication with clients, Joanne adapts on the spot, leveraging her creativity and problem-solving skills.

She explained, “I use everyday objects or find ways to prop up the camera, ensuring that I capture the right angles and deliver the desired results.”

The Evolution of Photography: From Film to Digital

Reflecting on the evolution of photography, Joanne acknowledged the impact of digital technology, especially smartphones.

She believes that photography has become more accessible to people, and the instant nature of digital photography allows for greater creativity and experimentation.

Joanne emphasized, “With digital photography, you have more control and can make real-time adjustments, resulting in new perspectives and opportunities for artistic expression.”

"Remote Stories Around the World" Book Project

Joanne embarked on a unique project called “Remote Stories Around the World,” which involves capturing people globally through remote technology.

The project spanned two years and featured stories and photographs from 11 countries.

Joanne’s book showcases the power of remote photography in connecting people across borders and providing a sense of travel during a time of restricted mobility.

Contact Joanne

Joanne Moorhouse’s journey into the world of remote photography highlights the remarkable possibilities that arise from embracing technological advancements.

Through her business, she has harnessed the power of remote virtual photography, bringing convenience, creativity, and connection to clients worldwide.

As the realm of photography continues to evolve, remote photography serves as a testament to the transformative nature of digital innovation.

To learn more about Joanne Moorhouse and her remote photography services, visit her website at or connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Her book, “Remote Stories Around the World,” is available in hardback and paperback formats on

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