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Do you have great content ideas but just don’t know how to get it out?

  • Do you find content marketing time-consuming?
  • Are you forever running short of content marketing ideas?
  • Do you feel your content strategy needs some work?
  • Is your marketing message elevating your brand?

    What if you had a simple content creation system where you just record a limited podcast series, providing you with enough shareable content for a whole year?

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    At Baird Media we specialize in podcasting and use it as the source material for all your content marketing products.

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    Book your episode and get not only a podcast episode, but also repurposed content, depending on the package you choose.

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    When it comes to content production, we provide the full bouquest, starting with a podcast. Explore all our services and rates.

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    We will produce your podcast series. All you have to do is choose how many episodes you want.

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    You can read our books to educate yourself or you can attend any of our online training sessions.

    You can become Content Royalty!

    With our content marketing system you will never run out of quality content ideas  for your brand. 

    1. Buy The Book

    Purposefully Repurposed for Profit is available on our website or on Amazon. It explains the whole system in great detail. 

    2. Apply The Strategies

    Task your (or our) content production team to implement the system explained in the book. 

    3. Develop Great Content

    Repurpose a podcast into all the media forms for your content marketing campaign and increase sales.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether you are new to podcasting or an old hand, you are sure to have some questions how to profit from it. Let us answer the questions we get asked most often.

    I have never done a podcast before. How do I get started?

    Podcasting is easier than you think, provided you have prepared yourself properly. Once you have decided on the format, you will need some basic recording equipment to get started. Line up a few guests and record your interview. Some basic editing skills are required to ensure you have a great product. If you need professional help, reach out to the Baird Media team.

    What equipment will I need?

    There is no need to invest in fancy, expensive equipment. You can start with a cell phone or a USB microphone plugged into your laptop. You may want to invest in more decent equipment down the line or hire a studio, but that can come later, when you have more experience. 

    What team will I need to create my repurposed content?

    If you are a small business, you can probably do this mostly by yourself. Bigger marketing departments may consider acquiring the services of a content team, consisting of a technical producer, writer, graphic designer, junior developer, web designer, SEO specialist, content marketing coordinator, with a manager editor in charge of the team’s operations. 

    How will I profit from this system?

    When a person engages with your content and finds value in it, the potential of their being converted into a paying customer increases dramatically. The Purposefully Repurposed  for Profit system saves the content team time, as they do not have to scurry about for new content all the time. By cleverly repurposing the podcast, they can develop engaging evergreen content that will serve its purpose for years to come. 

    I have an existing podcast, how do I repurpose it?

    If you are already a podcaster, you have a wealth of content available to repurpose. Start with one episode, have it transcribed, and then use the transcription as a basis for one or more blog articles. If the podcast had some interesting facts, list it on an infographic. Remarket the podcast through social media and keep on funneling the audience back to your main website, where you can convert them into customers.

    What if I don't have the time to create content?

    The beauty of the Purposefully Repurposed for Profit system is that you can create all your content in a short period of time, publishing it throughout the year. You can always employ a content team to help you out or reach out to a company like Baird Media, who specializes in content creation.

    Why do I need visual content?

    You will need to create an avatar of your ideal audience member, so that you can communicate your message and call to action clearly and directly. The more you niche into your niche, the more specific your content will become. Some level of testing is required in the beginning of the campaign, while you will regularly have to measure your achievements and adapt your content campaign accordingly.

    How will I distribute my content?

    You need a content marketing plan to guide the rollout of your content across platforms. Once you know who your ideal audience member is, you will have to determine which platforms they prefer and focus your attention there. Remember that your website is a key component, as you own it and therefore have complete control over. The function of any other platform is simply to entice your audience to come to your website, where you can provide quality, helpful content that will eventually convert them into customers.