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Elevate your brand's storytelling with our comprehensive podcasting solutions.
From startup to bespoke content creation, we offer tailored services to bring your narrative to life.

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Launch your podcast with confidence through our Podmaster Startup service.
Sustain your podcasting journey with our Podmaster Accelerator service.
Ensure your podcast's success with our Podmaster Support service.

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Transform your brand's storytelling with our bespoke Audio Drama production service.
Elevate your brand's narrative with our captivating Documentary Production service.
Craft bespoke content tailored to your brand's essence with Podcasting Consulting services.

Launch Your Podcasting Journey with Baird Media

John has been thinking about starting his own podcast, but he simply has no idea where to start. 

He has a vague notion that podcasting will benefit his business, but he is  overwhelmed by the technical aspects and usnure that he will be able to share his expertise with the world.

John’s desire to create a successful podcast that resonates with his audience and establishes his authority is hampered by the fact that he has no idea how to begin.

He lacks the technical skills, resources, and knowledge of podcasting best practices.

This is where Baird Media steps in.

With expertise in audio production, storytelling, and podcasting strategy, we provide the knowledge, support, and resources to bring John’s vision to life.

Through our Podmaster Startup program, John gains access to structured training, hands-on support, and personalised guidance from industry professionals.

Once launched, he signs up for the Podmaster Accelerator Program, receiving continued support for his first year of podcasting.

John confidently creates engaging content, while we take care of editing and other functions with our Podmaster Services program, ensuring John has the best skills at his disposal to make his podcast sound great and stand out from the crowd.

Success awaits those who embrace our program, just like John, who has now monetised his podcast, attracting clients and thriving as an industry leader and a credible voice in his niche.

Experience the transformation from aspiring podcaster to podcasting pioneer with Baird Media.

Start your journey today.

Elevate Your Brand's Storytelling with Baird Media

Marketing manager Emma is on a mission to enhance her company’s brand presence and engage audiences in innovative ways.

Emma has long realised that telling stories is much more effective that merely creating ads.

She knows that when you to captivate audiences, your brand’s message is communicated more effectively, and she wants to find a way to do this that will differentiate her company from that of  her competitors.

Emma was clever enough to leverage the decades of experience of the Baird Media team.

We partnered with her to create innovative storytelling solutions.

With expertise in audio drama production, narrative storytelling, and brand integration, we offered Emma the creative direction and strategic insight she needed to achieve her company’s branding goals in an entertaining manner.

Through our PodTheatre service, Emma gained access to a cutting-edge platform for brand storytelling.

Inspired by Baird Media’s approach, Emma took action to explore the possibilities of audio drama for her brand.

We conceptualised and produced a compelling series that held audiences spellbound, elevating her company’s brand presence.

From development to distribution, the audio drama series, tailored to her company’s brand identity and objectives, created a weekly podcast serial that kept the nation riveted.

Success awaits those who embrace our service, just as Emma engaged her target audience, enhanced brand perception, and generated meaningful engagement.

Experience the transformation from conventional marketer to storytelling innovator with Baird Media.

Start your journey today.


Baird Media Client Dr Barbara van Heerden

It's opened my mind to the whole world of podcasts, which has been a huge benefit for me. I even listen to the radio differently now. You're suddenly aware of so many different things. It's just opened a whole new world.

Dr. Barbara van Heerden

Nzou Leadership

Baird Media Client Eloize Petzer

What I appreciated was the step-by-step support. After every session, you gave me a bit of a practical thing to go and do to have ready for the next session. Learning by trial and error has helped me figure things out for myself, and I think that just was a good learning experience.

Eloise Petzer

Nzou Leadership

I would say that you guys are really took the knowledge you have and put it into something practical to empower not only people, but businesses. This was in line with the vision that I have. It's that empowerment. It's that sharing of knowledge.

Linda Rossouw

LaRoss Consulting

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