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The power of podcasting for business should not be underestimated. If you have wondered how a business can benefit from podcasting, take a look at these examples and decide for yourself.

The power of podcasting for business should not be underestimated.

It can be one of the most powerful tools in a business’s marketing toolkit, provided it is used to maximum effect.

Podcasting has the proven power of audio, based on more than a 100 years of radio.

Audio is now not restricted to the broadcast frequencies and licensing conditions of radio.

Audio has become democratized and is where free speech arguably reigns supreme at the moment. 

Just like the movies, audio is now available on-demand.

Whereas watching movies on-demand is generally referred to as streaming, audio on demand is called podcasting.   

Business is starting to take podcasting seriously, having realized that it provides an opportunity to connect with audiences in a more intimate and personal way than other traditional forms of advertising.

The number of podcast listeners globally has surpassed the 460 million mark and keeps growing every day.

Businesses who make use of this New Media form will be surprised by its versatility and ability to connect powerfully with its niche audience. 

There are some good examples of businesses benefiting from podcasting. 

Building brand awareness 

Podcasting is an excellent way to build brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

By creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience, you can build a loyal following of listeners who come to trust and respect your brand.

For example, the podcast “The Pitch” features entrepreneurs who pitch their startups to a panel of investors, providing listeners with insights into the startup world and introducing them to new companies and products.

Creating a loyal community

Podcasting provides an opportunity to build a loyal community of listeners who are invested in your brand and its mission.

By creating content that speaks directly to your target audience, you can build a tribe of engaged listeners who become advocates for your brand.

Take a listen to the podcast “Girlboss Radio.”

It features interviews with successful women in business, providing a platform for female entrepreneurs to share their stories and advice with a supportive community of listeners.

The communication becomes two-way, which in turn ultimately creates a loyal community.

Generating leads and sales 

Podcasting can also be an effective lead magnet to generate leads and drive sales for your business.

By promoting your products or services through your podcast and offering exclusive discounts or promotions to your listeners, you can encourage them to take action and make a purchase.

The podcast “How I Built This” features interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share their stories of building successful businesses from scratch, providing listeners with inspiration and motivation to pursue their own dreams.

Humanizing your brand 

Podcasting provides an opportunity to humanize your brand and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

By sharing stories, insights, and experiences on your podcast, you can create a more intimate connection with your listeners and build trust and credibility.

Behind the Brilliance” features interviews with creatives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who share their personal and professional journeys, providing listeners with insights into the human side of success.

It is a great example of how a brand can be humanized.

Providing value to your audience 

Finally, any content would be useless unless it has some sort of value.

Podcasting is an excellent way to provide value to your audience.

You can share insights, tips, and advice that can help them in their personal or professional lives. By creating content that is informative, entertaining, and valuable, you can build a loyal following of listeners who come to rely on your podcast for inspiration and guidance.

They will come to know, like, and trust you, which are crucial components of becoming an influencer.

 A great example of a successful podcast is “The Tim Ferriss Show.”

It features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists who share their strategies for success and insights into their personal lives, providing listeners with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

The information they provide is useful, informative, and entertaining.

It in some way contributes to the quality of life of the listener, and is therefore valuable, something they will return to again and again.

A business that adds podcasting into its marketing mix will benefit in many more ways than the listed above.

And then we’re not even talking about the repurposing possibilities of a podcast. You will be spoilt for choice when you take full advantage of purposefully repurposed podcast content.

If you want to know more about podcasting, be sure to get Hendrik’s book “Become a Podmaster: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Art of Podcasting.”

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