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The Power of Visual Content

In a podcast episode featuring Stephanie Wium, the significance of content marketing and its impact on brand visibility were explored.

This article delves into their conversation, providing insights into the importance of content in marketing, the role of visuals, the value of creating an ideal client avatar, and the democratization of design through tools like Canva.

The Importance of Content in Marketing

Stephanie emphasizes the indispensability of content in business marketing.

Whether it’s through leaflets, online advertisements, or social media posts, businesses need to be visible to attract their target audience.

Content serves as a powerful tool to convey what a business does, who it serves, pricing information, and how to engage with the brand.

However, with the constant stream of content available on social media platforms, capturing audience attention has become increasingly challenging.

The Role of Visuals in Content Marketing

Stephanie and Hendrik discuss the potency of visual content in storytelling.

A well-crafted graphic has the ability to communicate a story more effectively than a thousand-word article.

However, Stephanie notes that to truly engage the audience, a visual should follow the principle of “less is more.”

Overwhelming designs can deter potential customers from understanding the intended message.

Given the fast-paced nature of social media, where users quickly scroll through content, visuals must captivate the viewer within seconds.

Creating an Ideal Client Avatar

The conversation touches upon the concept of creating an ideal client avatar.

While Stephanie believes in the importance of defining an ideal client for marketing purposes, she also acknowledges that visual content marketing often needs to appeal to a broader audience.

Depending on the nature of the business, both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) considerations may come into play.

Balancing the appeal to a wider audience while maintaining a consistent brand image is crucial.

The Democratization of Design with Canva

Hendrik and Stephanie delve into the democratization of design, highlighting the transformative impact of tools like Canva.

In the past, professional design skills were required to create visually appealing marketing materials using complex software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

However, Canva has made design accessible to everyone.

Stephanie, a self-taught designer, affirms that Canva is an online drag-and-drop tool that simplifies the process of creating marketing material.

Canva provides users with templates that offer a starting point for design projects.

Using Canva Effectively

While Canva templates can be convenient for quick and disposable social media visuals, Stephanie advises against solely relying on them.

Recognizable templates can lead to scrolling past content without capturing the audience’s attention.

She suggests starting with a template for inspiration but recommends making significant modifications to create an authentic design that stands out.

Additionally, Stephanie encourages businesses to maintain brand recognition by designing their own series of templates based on their logo, company colors, and layout.

This consistency contributes to cohesive brand awareness.

The Value of Brand Recognition

Hendrik and Stephanie stress the importance of brand recognition in visual marketing.

While it’s not always necessary to hire a professional designer, consistency in visual branding is key.

Canva allows businesses to create graphics that align with their brand personality.

However, as brands evolve, periodic updates may be necessary to reflect changes in the business and its target audience.


Content marketing, driven by visual storytelling, plays a critical role in enhancing brand visibility.

The conversation between Hendrik Baird and Stephanie emphasizes the significance of content in marketing and the value of visuals in capturing the audience’s attention.

Creating an ideal client avatar helps tailor content to specific audiences, while tools like Canva democratize design.

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