The Podcast People


How often you have come to the end of a week or month and realized you have not yet written that blog article or even made a single Facebook post? Most business owners are so busy running their companies that they overlook the all-important content marketing aspect. Some may not even have the skill to write a proper article or produce a podcast, making it one of those things that stays on a wish list and never actually gets done.

Purposefully Repurposing for Profit is the way of the future. This book explains the system in great detail, highlighting both the advantages and showing you the “how to” of the system. By using the information contained within the pages of this book, you will become the king (or queen!) of content marketing.



Hendrik Baird is passionate about media. Coming from a Drama background, he has worked as an actor, magician, arts administrator, festival manager, activist, radio station manager, and writer. Having recently completed a Masters Degree in Media and Journalism, he is half of the duo that is Baird Media (Pty) Ltd. The other half is his son Ethan Baird, an award winning radio producer and podcast specialist.